“I live a busy life balancing my time between family, work in health care, and pursuing my educational goals.  Regular treatments with Maneesha are essential in promoting my optimal health and well-being so that I can meet the challenges of my daily life with energy and humour.”
-Susan Barr

“I have had several sessions of Craniosacral work with Maneesha and plan to have many more. I so appreciate her ability to tune into my body and select the areas that need particular attention and the way she stays focused on each point until it is resolved. Best of all my body totally relaxes in response to her touch and I find myself floating off the table at the end of the session.”
-Karin Watson

“I have been seeing Maneesha, chiefly for Myofascial Release massage, for the past four years. As a person with fibromyalgia and back injuries, I had tried various methods of pain control over the years, particularly acupuncture and regular massage. They gave little or no relief. Sometimes they even made me feel worse.

When Maneesha moved to the Valley, I booked an appointment when I read about her specialty: the best thing I have ever done for helping me cope with daily life. I have been amazed by the improvement in the quality of my life after each session, and by the cumulative effect of once-a-month treatment. Pain is considerably reduced, my energy is increased, and I am more relaxed. When I took a hiatus for a few months, all the old problems came back.

Periodically we vary the routine with a Craniosacral massage, a therapy I used to feel nervous about (sounded like voodoo). I find it also very safe, gentle and healing.

Maneesha is so much more than a competent technician. She uses intuition and a calm healing energy in addition to her massage skills and knowledge. I enthusiastically refer friends to her, and we are all very happy with the results.”
-Margaret White 

“Myofascial Release massage with Maneesha has offered significant pain relief and helped me to develop a stronger connection with my body.”
-Moss Dance, farmer

“I can’t say enough good things about the Craniosacral Therapy our family has received at the hands of Maneesha Madan, RMT.  My husband and I have seen her for four years and our children have been treated for most of their lives.

My four year old daughter has had issues with hyperactivity and loud noises; after several sessions of CST her noise sensitivity is greatly diminished and she has become much calmer. We find that when the hyperactivity creeps back, one session with Maneesha calms our daughter for months.At six weeks old, we noticed our son was having trouble with digestion, as well as leaning to one side. Maneesha treated him regularly for months working mostly on his diaphragm. We would notice he seemed to be in less pain after a session.  His lean also corrected after several months of Craniosacral Therapy and physiotherapy. He is now two and doing great.

Both children see Maneesha every few months for a quick “tune-up”. Usually something is “stuck” from the usual childhood tumbles, which Maneesha gently releases leaving the kids feeling better than when they came in.  They love visiting and usually giggle throughout the session. When I go for a massage, our two year old hopefully asks if he can go too!”
-Samantha Schneider

“Maneesha has taken good care of my body through many physical challenges over the years.  As well as regular maintenance for desk-job tightness, Maneesha has also gone deep with me when I was healing from injuries and surgeries.  It requires a lot of trust to let someone into my body, even when it’s for my own healing, but Maneesha is always able to coach me through.  After my miscarriage and abdominal surgery, I felt tight and pinched in my stomach, and Maneesha helped restore a feeling of health and normalcy through Visceral Manipulation and Myofascial Release; working on the scar tissue and blood circulation of my wounded parts.

Her knowledge and patience are matched only by her welcoming smile; I have only praise for Maneesha.”
-Claire Roberts

“In June of 2008 I was very badly injured in a motor vehicle accident.  Maneesha has worked miracles for my interstitial tissues and ultimately made my body easier to live with.”
-Tom Van Enter

“As a result of sports related injuries I suffered neck and upper back pain for years. I visited physiotherapists and chiropractors on a regular basis and realized only temporary relief. Now that I visit Maneesha at regular intervals I find I feel better, sleep better and only relapse if I overdo something. For the first time I have also found relief from seemingly unrelated symptoms caused by chronic muscle tightness. Maneesha has an easy, calming demeanor while still maintaining a professional attitude. I appreciate the deep muscle therapy that works for me and have no doubt she is equally intuitive for those that need a lighter touch.”
-Darcy Gould

“The Craniosacral work that I have done with Maneesha Madan has impressed me as being both subtle and very beneficial.  Maneesha often slips in and out of several different therapies during a single 60 minute treatment, and I once asked her “what the heck was that you did?” at a particular moment.  That was when I learned about Craniosacral Therapy. At first, Craniosacral work seems subtle, almost to the point of stillness. As I began to engage with CST, I found that it brings profound relaxation, not only in a physical, muscular sense but also mentally and energetically. I can see why infants – who aren’t looking for a particular outcome and merely experience touch – so often respond very positively. I get up off the table feeling energized and balanced, and I always look forward to the moments when Maneesha integrates Craniosacral techniques into my massage sessions.”
-Tracy Marks, chef

“I have been a client of Maneesha Madan’s for over 10 years. She has helped me immeasurably to recover from two automobile accidents using Craniosacral and Myofascial therapies to alleviate the pain and soft tissue injury caused by these accidents. Further to this she has provided me with considerable relief for gastrointestinal distress due to an overly sensitive stomach as a result of food allergies. I continue to see Maneesha on a monthly basis to keep my body functioning properly. Maneesha is a skilled professional and an amazing massage therapist. I have wholeheartedly recommended her to friends who are in need of good massage therapist and will continue to do so as it is required. I am pleased that I have been able to secure a massage therapist of such high quality, who provides individualized treatment programs to meet the needs of her clientele.”
-Helen D. Ferguson, Retired Secondary School Teacher

“I lived for months with chronic pain, as the result of several surgeries, and was subjecting myself to taking every kind of pain killer and/or muscle relaxant. I could not eliminate the pain. I even had to get a CT scan to see what was going on. Maneesha Madan, RMT, saved my sanity and alleviated my pain!

“The primary cause was scar tissue restricting my muscles from the surgeries. Maneesha relieved my suffering using Visceral Manipulation and released the scar tissue that was constricting my muscles. I can gratefully say that I am now pain free. The quality of my life has been restored thanks to Maneesha and her wonderful skills, knowledge and Visceral Manipulation techniques. She is the best in the land and I highly recommend her.”
-Shelley Kleemann

“Maneesha Madan plays a key role in my personal wellness program. Her treatments are an essential part of my efforts to maintain an active lifestyle while coping with the realities of aging and early disc deterioration in the lower spine. Maneesha’s skilled hands are adept at easing out the discomfort to acute pain continuum and her treatments aid in building resiliency in chronic problem areas. She understands what is going on in the body and is good at explaining it. Treatment time with Maneesha is not just a treat but also an investment in well-being.”

“I have tried a lot of other therapists and have found great success with Maneesha’s knowledge and treatment.  She always has a solution for my aches and pains from an active lifestyle.  I highly recommend her treatment.”
-Mark Jakobsen

“I am a retired 62 year old guy who has been active most of my life – playing sports, hiking, skiing and working outdoors. Over the last 8-10 years some old sports injuries and age have been catching up with me. Maneesha Madan has been treating my various aches and pains with deep tissue massage and Myofascial Release for the past 5 years. This massage therapy has replaced my previous dealings with chiropractors and physiotherapists. I believe that these treatments have been instrumental in my ability to maintain an active lifestyle and I certainly recommend Maneesha Madan as a highly effective RMT.”
-Robb Wilson

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